What Sets Us Apart:


Everyone offers "Ready-To-Shoot" Bow packages. What sets Timber Mesa Outdoors apart is we have put together what we feel is one of the best packages for the money. When you receive one of our bows in a "Ready-To-Shoot" Package it comes just as it says..READY TO SHOOT. Our technicians have timed, paper tuned and rough sighted your bow out to 60 yards. You take the bow out of the box and go shoot. There is no having to assemble your bow, it has already been done for you. There is no having to take your bow into a shop and have them charge you to set it up to your measurements, it has already done by our staff.
We believe in offering ALL our customers the pro shop experience, not just those that walk in our door.
If you need help in finding the right bow, give us a call. Our trained staff will help walk you through finding the right bow for you and your situation.
We offer two standard packages with any bow, the Basic and the Deluxe. The following gives you a break down of all those items. Looking for something not offered in one of our standard packages, then give us a call and we can put together a custom package for you.
Whether you're chasing the buck of a lifetime or shooting for gold, Timber Mesa Outdoors is YOUR pro shop for high quality, top brand archery equipment.


Basic Bow Pkg:


Over the years we have learned that most bow companies supply a package to their bows. The sad thing is they usually are not very good. Yes, they put on a rest, a sight and a quiver. These are the first thing we see customers upgrade. What we do at Timber Mesa Outdoors is give you a package that not only looks good, but performs and tunes very well.
It makes no sense to spend $100 on a package only to have to upgrade that package down the road. We feel that with our Ready-to-Shoot package you won't be looking at spending more money for upgrades.
Our packages comes with upgraded products for the same price big box stores charge for their cheap packages. Plus you get it fitted, timed, tuned and sighted in for you.

Saving you money and giving the most value possible! If you were to buy our package accessories separately you would spend over $135.00, but by bundling in the Basic package you save 35%.

Whats Included:





Custom Bow Package:


If your looking to really trick out your bow rig we offer custom bow packages. These packages are only limited to your imagination. We offer everything from color kits, custom bow strings to custom color dipping of your riser. Just give one of our certified techs a call and let us help you pimp out your bow!