Brian Cronin

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I fell in love with the sport of Archery over thirty years ago, after being introduced to it through Boy Scouts. After that first night of shooting with this group I was hooked! Growing up in the White Mountains of Arizona I was surrounded by some of the best bow hunting in the country. My wife and I feel fortunate to work in the archery industry and help others learn more of this great sport. Although I am a bow hunter at heart. I have fallen in love with competition archery. I shoot regularly in 3D and indoor tournaments. I hold a level 2 USA Archery coach certification.

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Richard Granata

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At the age of 4, I watched my dad assembling his wooden shafts and painting on the arrow crests as he was an avid bow hunter. I got my first recurve bow at the age of 10, I got my first compound bow at the age of 23 and started deer hunting, 10 years later I finally achieved getting my first deer (That's commitment!). I started shooting indoor leagues and 3D competitions 15 years ago as well as being an avid hunter for many animals. I believe archery is the greatest sport there is, and I love the sport as much 46 years later as I did the first time I saw my dad making his beautiful arrows! I currently hold a Level 1 NASP Certification.

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Andrew Kobold

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I was born and raised in Arizona. I was lucky enough to start at an early age learning how to hunt small and big game. But for the past 13 years bow hunting, has been a huge part of my life. I enjoy all the time and practice it takes to be a successful bow hunter and it doesn’t matter if I’m hunting in Southern Arizona for Javelina or Northern Arizona for Bull Elk. I get huge gratification using a compound over a long gun any day. I hold a level 2 USA Archery coach certificaton.

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