Brian Cronin

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I fell in love with the sport of Archery over thirty years ago, after being introduced to it through Boy Scouts. After that first night of shooting with this group I was hooked! Growing up in the White Mountains of Arizona I was surrounded by some of the best bow hunting in the country. My wife and I feel fortunate to work in the archery industry and help others learn more of this great sport. Although I am a bow hunter at heart. I have fallen in love with competition archery. I shoot regularly in 3D and indoor tournaments. I hold a level 2 USA Archery coach certification.

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Richard Granata

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At the age of 4, I watched my dad assembling his wooden shafts and painting on the arrow crests as he was an avid bow hunter. I got my first recurve bow at the age of 10, I got my first compound bow at the age of 23 and started deer hunting, 10 years later I finally achieved getting my first deer (That's commitment!). I started shooting indoor leagues and 3D competitions 15 years ago as well as being an avid hunter for many animals. I believe archery is the greatest sport there is, and I love the sport as much 46 years later as I did the first time I saw my dad making his beautiful arrows! I currently hold a Level 1 NASP Certification.

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Andrew Kobold

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I was born and raised in Arizona. I was lucky enough to start at an early age learning how to hunt small and big game. But for the past 13 years bow hunting, has been a huge part of my life. I enjoy all the time and practice it takes to be a successful bow hunter and it doesn’t matter if I’m hunting in Southern Arizona for Javelina or Northern Arizona for Bull Elk. I get huge gratification using a compound over a long gun any day. I hold a level 2 USA Archery coach certificaton.

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Angi Sullivan

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I have lived here in Phoenix, Arizona since 2001, making me a long-time resident. I've been a big part of the archery community for almost as long. In 2004, my three children and I began shooting at the Papago Park Archery Range and fell in love with the sport. I love to work with both new and seasoned archer's. I am the head archery coach here at Timber Mesa Outdoors. I have shot and enjoyed both compound and recurve bows, but compound is my preferred discipline. I have been a Level 2 coach since 2010, but I am currently working towards earning my Level 3 certification.

John Kerns

John Kerns is a USA Archery Level 2 Instructor. His love for archery began when shooting at hay bales in his backyard as a kid in Colorado. After growing up and moving to Arizona he had gotten away from the sport. Years later after his son took an interest in trying archery he soon realized how much he missed it. Since getting back into the sport with his son in 2010, he has competed in a variety of indoor and outdoor archery tournaments (his favorite being the annual Vegas Shoot). He became an instructor to help spread his love for the sport. Learning the proper safety and shooting techniques provide the baseline for continual improvement and achieving your goals. He believes archery is great sport for all ages. It teaches self-discipline, sportsmanship, dedication, safety and focus, among others. He'll tell you he loves archery because it is enjoyable and motivating no matter your skill level. There is always more to learn and new goals to achieve.

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